Restoration of Morality, Tolerance and Humility

Off lately there has been a growing realisation among number of people that most of the problems in our lives have arisen due to lack or infringement of moral, spiritual or human values. It is now also being felt that our ultra-materialistic outlook, especially our craze for machine-culture has resulted in our present predicament. We have gradually lost the human aspect of our life and have become more or less like machines, as a result of which there is no spirit of friendship, fellow-feeling and love in our life. There are of course many values, which we must observe for a harmonious and peaceful living ,out of those tolerance is one such value, that can change a lot in our life, of course positively. We must know that many of our troubles, turmoils and traumas are due to intolerance. Though people have become aware of this fact but yet there is lot more need for educating people to cultivate this value which, when lost, makes human behaviour uncivilised and barbaric and makes a hell of one's family, professional and community