Rajyogi Brahma Kumar Nikunj is a young spiritual leader of Brahma Kumaris. At 40, he is a living  example  of simplicity with depth, humility with courage,  and  wisdom with  devotion. His life is the epitome of dedication, selflessness and commitment towards self-and  world  transformation. A happy go lucky  soul, he is  always accessible to all who seek the knowledge of “Ancient  Rajyoga”to lead a Stress Free Life.

Born into a family of businessmen in December 1975 in Mumbai, as a child Nikunj ji was an Atheist. However at the age of 14, a chanced encounter with “Spiritual Legend” Rajyogini B.K.Didi Nalini ji totally changed his  life. Inspired by her  thoughts &  teachings, he decided  to  pursue  spirituality after seeking permission from his parents.

At such a tender age, he renounced  worldly pleasures and took to the path of sacrifice, meditation, imbibing spiritual pearls of knowledge and spreading peace in the world. No sooner did he surrender his life for Godly services, than he had to face severe criticism and resistance from his family and  society, but he remained steadfast in his spiritual endeavor because of his ardent love and faith in the Supreme Lord. For the past 22 years he has a treasure of valuable experiences resulting from sacrifice,
penance and godly services. He has attained remarkable progress in spirituality and has flourished as a true spiritual guide for one and all.  

By imbibing divine virtues and values under the expert guidance and training of the most revered Dadi’s & Didi’s at Brahmakumaris, he has been able to make great progress in the development of his inner self and thus enhance his inner skills and potentialities. His love for writing has proved to be a valuable asset in spreading spiritual knowledge to people all over the world. A linguist in 07 languages, he has been writingweekly columnsregularly for all the national dailies viz: Times of India, DNA, Hindutan Times, Lokamt, Amar Ujala, Rajasthan Patrika, Kutch Mitra, The Himalayan Times(Nepal), Hindusim Today(UK) to name a few.. He carries a blend of eastern spiritual wisdom and western education and culture that allows him to bridge understanding of cultures, with a high level of diplomacy and communication skills.

His Philosophy In Life: “Spirituality cannot be taught, It has to be Experienced”.