Off lately there has been a growing realisation among number of people that most of the problems in our lives have arisen due to lack or infringement of moral, spiritual or human values. It is now also being felt that our ultra-materialistic outlook, especially our craze for machine-culture has resulted in our present predicament. We have gradually lost the human aspect of our life and have become more or less like machines, as a result of which there is no spirit of friendship, fellow-feeling and love in our life.

There are of course many values, which we must observe for a harmonious and peaceful living ,out of those tolerance is one such value, that can change a lot in our life, of course positively. We must know that many of our troubles, turmoils and traumas are due to intolerance. Though people have become aware of this fact but yet there is lot more need for educating people to cultivate this value which, when lost, makes human behaviour uncivilised and barbaric and makes a hell of one’s family, professional and community life.

Just imagine, if a nation has leaders, who are intolerant, they can land their country in great conflicts and conflagration, or embroil their country in a war or can lead it even to disintegration. For, when tolerance is lost, temper is also lost and the loss of both means the loss of mental balance, calm judgement and composure. Under such a regime, there can neither be security, nor safety, neither peace nor sustained development because intolerance lets loose the forces of destruction and deprivation.

Today we see people killing people in name of Religion, but does any religion has ever taught its followers to kill innocent people ? The chronicles of mankind or of various civilisations or nations bear witness to the truth that property worth inestimable and incalculable amount, and millions of men have been lost in the slaughter house of intolerance during the last 2000 years or so because of intolerance that ensued from a hurt ego, an unfulfilled selfish motives or narrow-mindedness that could not stand the existence of different views, different life-styles, different cultures and different self-interests.

Can anyone calculate or imagine how many families lost their peace and harmony and how many cities and civilisations were ruined because of intolerance? If only this virtue, called Tolerance, had been sustained—all or many other virtues also would have survived, for, when tolerance is lost, man loses his patience, self-control, spirit of non-violence, etc. Therefore it is not too late in the day, for, if even now those who are mercilessly killing innocent people begin to observe this virtue, which is greater than valour and all weapons of war put together, mankind can be saved from the scourge of wars, bloody ethnic strife, communal riots and conflict on the basis of difference in religious beliefs and can be saved from extinction through a nuclear catastrophe.

Tolerance is a virtue and a fruit of wisdom that can come and stay if we firmly believe that all have the basic right to live peacefully, enjoying their own culture, tradition or religion. If we are self-righteous and think that our own culture and religion are the best of the whole lot and the beliefs of others are of low grade, then we develop narrow-mindedness, hatred and intolerance, resulting in conflicts of various sorts. So, if we wish to have peace and harmony, then we have to learn to respect others and adjust ourselves with them to co-exist. Along with this, we should also learn to forget and forgive some lapses and shortcomings of others in the spirit of friendliness or brotherhood, or else we cannot have goodwill, amity and co-operation and peace.

Lastly, it has been found that role of education, media and religion becomes very important in propagating tolerance in society. For, unless and until education is value-based and media, especially electronic and the film media and religion make their contribution in creating awareness for values like tolerance,humility,mutual respect, there will not be any peace and harmony in the society nor will there be tolerance, humility or family-love.