It is a common belief in indian culture that pilgrimage  or tirtha as they call in hindi is a great religious endeavor and is essential for the true devotees of God and that it helps soul in liberation from the past sins.

The very fact that people go on a pilgrimage shows that they have a desire to get some kind of religious experience from which they hope to benefit either in terms of getting rid of their sins or finding more peace or having other wishes fulfilled. But rarely does it bring about a permanent change in their life or in their way of thinking or behavior. And it’s a fact that no one would completely deny, coz once they are back from the pilgrimage, people resume their old ways of living and any uplifting or elevated experience that they have had on pilgrimage, remains just a temporary experience that may, at the most, be cherished by them all their life.

Thus, it does not result in any elevation in their consciousness because most of us fail to understand a fact that such kind of transformation takes place only in the soul and cannot be brought about by a physical exercise of going on a pilgrimage. We must thus understand that a subtle transformation requires spiritual effort, and for that the soul  has to travel to the holiest of abodes which is called the soul world — which is the home of all souls as well as the Supreme Soul. The practice by which the soul journeys to that abode is called Rajyoga. This loveful spiritual journey, when performed even for a short while daily, gradually makes the soul strong enough to resist all that is harmful to its well being, and get rid of vices that give it sorrow.

It is then able to go through life in a state of peace and happiness, enriching itself and others with positivity. Remember ! this journey does not require any money,prior bookings, other material resources or physical strain. Infact it can be performed in the comfort of one’s home, any time one likes, and for as long as one wants. And above all, at the end of it, one does not return exhausted but refreshed. Isn’t it exciting? So what are you waiting for? Lets embark on this wonderful journey of self transformation and get empowered from within.