Most of us identify ourselves with the body that we have acquired because we are unaware about the immortal entity called ‘soul’ which resides within us and functions through our body. As a result of this ignorance one letter that dominates our lives is – ‘I’.

Even when we are thinking of something or someone it is linked to ‘I’ i.e to the needs, desires and feelings of the self in relation to objects and people.

Since the body is made up of five elements it is lifeless without a soul.

A dead body becomes hard and loses its softness as soon as a soul leaves it. Likewise, the big ‘I’ has no soul and a proud person is rigid in his opinions, beliefs and attitudes. Whereas the small ‘i’ has a dot above it. The dot symbolises the soul and its lower part may be seen as representing the body. So in that sense, the small ‘i’ connotes a complete human being i.e. the soul and the body. 

In the true sense we only live when we are aware of the self as a soul,however when we live and act out of ego or big ‘I’ consciousness, we are as good as dead because ego is an illusion created by our ignorance. A subtle reflection would show that when we pronounce the small ‘i’, it conveys a sense of humility, gentleness and flexibility whereas the big ‘I’ is pronounced in an emphatic and loud way.

A lighted candle is similar to the small ‘i’ and it’s flame represents light – the light of an enlightened person who is always aware of the self as a point of light. That is why we see that during diwali festival people light up rows of lamps, lights and candles and it spreads so much light and joy.

It represents the Golden Age – the soul-conscious community and era in which all humans are naturally aware of themselves as souls and live in peace and joy.  Remember ! the more we come back to our original state of being ,which is that of pure, loveful & peaceful soul,the easier will it be for us to connect to the supreme source & draw his powers of peace,love and truth to share it with others around us thereby bringing peace within self & the world. So let’s embark on this wonderful journey of discovering the new self , feeling very light and banish all mental agony.