Attachment is the source of all suffering said Gautam Buddha..Attachment can be positive as well as negative, however experience shows that in most cases it has negative impact on individuals because it brings with it lot of emotional burden which eventually ends up making lives of people miserable who are under attachment with each other. Majority of us do not recognize attachment as a vice, but we must understand that it subtly ties one in bondage to the object of one’s attachment, be it a person, thing or place. It makes us hold on to and identify ourselves with other people or things that give us some joy. Our happiness then becomes dependent on that object or person to whom we are attached. Hence, if that object or person suffers any harm or is taken away from us, we suffer pain. So, while that person is not always in front of you, but his/her image is always on your mind and thus you are attaching your ‘self to that image on your mind. We need to understand that we are not our mind and we are certainly not what is on our mind. Yet one of our deepest habits is losing our ‘self in what is on our mind and confusing our self with what is on our mind. Only when one recognises that he/she is being crushed in attachment, does the real meaning of letting go become apparent. Because in reality it is not the object of attachment that is crushed, it is the self that is crushed.

Practice of meditation has proved to be a very helpful tool in helping oneself to come out of a deep attachment. It is the turning of attention inwards to ‘look’ through the inner eye of awareness. In doing so the inclination to attach is then clearly seen as ‘the cause’, and all suffering is seen as ‘the effect’. When one grasps and attaches to no thing, including ideas and histories, possessions and personality traits, one finds oneself in open space, in an inner space that has no boundaries, is without limit, containing no objects. And in that space there is pure peace and an awareness of the connectedness of all things. Remember! The less attached we are, the more peaceful we can become.