Nuclear Disarmament

Our nuclear weapons are meant purely as a deterrent against nuclear adventure by an adversary … Atal Bihari Vajpayee

There are many optimistic people in the world who think that all the nuclear nations will, one day, bury nuclear weapons deep down into the earth and will forget about it too. Not many of us know about a fact that around 64 years ago, the world was free of nuclear weapons, but after the production of some 1,40,000 of these artifacts of mass destruction, there seems to be a significant shift in the role some Governments across the world whose leaders have now understood that nuclear weapons are intrinsically dangerous and they pose an unparalleled threat to the very existence of humankind. These learned souls have also realized that these weapons of mass destruction do not enhance a country’s security but, rather, imperil the survival of all nations.

Alfred Nobel, in whose memory the famous Nobel Prizes are awarded every year, had said : ‘ ​​Let a sword of d​a​mocles hang over every head and you will witness a miracle. All war will stop instantly’.But unfortunately, his optimistic thinking was proved wrong because, after all nothing can work as a deterrent for ever. Can it ? Today humanity stands at an historic juncture, facing multiple interconnected threats within a compressed timescale. Besides the potential use of nuclear weapons, these include environmental degradation, resource scarcity, climate change, overpopulation, global disease pandemics, financial crises and natural disasters.

The sort of international cooperation needed to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is similar to that needed to address these other transnational threats. The question today is whether a strategy based on nuclear deterrence continues to be the most effective way for governments to deal with international tensions and protect themselves, or whether alternative strategies with greater benefits and lower risks are available. The answer depends in part on how our understanding of nuclear deterrence has evolved and whether it remains as stable and salient as the majority of the strategic community believed it to be during the Cold War.

According to spirituality, construction and destruction are two sides of the same coin, thus when we construct something, we do so from material which has become available after a thing got destroyed, disintegrated or decomposed. Likewise, destruction is the essential for-runner of reconstruction. Hence, we should understand this that a new world order will set in, only when the older giveth place. Just as a new life in the form of a lovely  child comes to existence after death of a decayed, diseased and degenerate body, a new world order of complete purity, peace and prosperity without any kind of nuclear threat or any other kind of insecurity would come into existence only after destruction of old and ailing world. So, instead of fearing destruction, let us enlighten ourselves from within to welcome new world order i.e Golden Age which would be ruled by feelings of universal brotherhood and universal love.