Self Realization : Key to End all Conflicts

We all know that conflicts are a part of our everyday life and they form in our close relations, at a societal level & on an international level. Very often we see conflicts leading to aggression, hostility and war. However conflicts can also be a steppingstone leading to change and wisdom; if we learn to handle them constructively. Since relationship conflicts are inevitable, learning to deal with them in a healthy way is extremely crucial because when a conflict is mismanaged, it can harm the relationship. But when handled in a respectful and positive way, it provides an opportunity for growth, ultimately strengthening the bond between two people.  Any kind of conflict has two dimensions, internal and external. Internal conflicts arise when mind and intellect are moving in opposite direction and external conflicts are caused when people or situations confront us and we are not sure how to cope with them. Some people view conflicts as an opportunity for a change and some see it as a natural global phenomenon. But there are others who feel that conflicts are