Mind, Body and everything in between

It’s a common thing for us to experience emotions directly through the body, for e.g when we go out to meet someone whom we love a lot, we walk lightly with our hearts pounding with excitement, whereas anxiety might tighten our muscles and make our hands sweat and tremble before an important job interview, Right? Numerous studies carried out over last decade or so have established that emotion systems prepare us to meet challenges encountered in the environment by adjusting the activation of the cardiovascular, skeletomuscular, neuroendocrine, and autonomic nervous system. This link between emotions and bodily states is also reflected in the way we speak or behave, for e.g: a young girl who is about to get married in a week’s time may suddenly have cold feet and experience nervousness. Similarly those lovers who have had a bad breakup and are heartbroken, may experience a shiver down their spine on hearing their favorite song being played somewhere. Although emotions are associated with a broad range of physiological changes, it is still hotly debated whether the bodily