Fire and Smoke of Crime

The culture of crime now pervades everywhere and people all over the world are constantly living under the threat of losing their life, property and honour. There is no doubt that literacy and education are spreading but, at the same time, crime also is spreading through educated people who are committing it in more intelligent and sophisticated way. One sometimes wonders as to how many persons in the world have never committed a crime and have no criminal tendencies now. What is the ratio, today, of criminals to non-criminals? Thus in one way or other, everyone admits that there is another kind of "global warming" due to the fire and smoke of crime. They know that the "crime' house effect" is becoming an equally potent threat as the "green-house effect". Yet there is no such global conference on the causes and consequences of this "environmental crime pollution" nor do people know of any remedy to this kind of pollution other than what is already in use, namely the police, the courts, the jails etc.. We do not know about