There is no doubt in it that almost everyone in this world has one or other bad habit..Dont we all have ?.

Like, many people have the bad habit of smoking.But, if you tell them that it is a bad habit, some of them will bring in a little bit of philosophy and some would try to support it with medical opinion also. They will say, “Smoking is very exhilirating. It is good for my brain because it brings me concentration.” Others will say, “Smoking keeps my bowels free.”

Others still will confess that it is a bad habit which they find hard to give up. Little do most people realise that it is a bad habit which pollutes their physical system and the atmosphere and causes diseases like cancer. Such examples of bad habits can be multiplied,but, what we need to understand from these examples is that, in most cases, people do not realise that it is a bad or a harmful habit and where this truth is realised, there isn’t the strong desire to get free from its grip and that is why some people philosophically say; This habit of mine will die only when I die. So what is the solution to get over one’s bad habits? Is it practically possible ? Yes! With a little effort and attention it is indeed possible.

Always remember ! habits are not your original nature; they are your second nature. You have acquired them and you say that you cannot give them up? You are their Master and you believe yourself to be their slave ? Have faith in Almighty and with His guidance, you can eradicate this evil, as easily as one can extricate and pull out a hair from a lump of butter.

‘Faith, it has been rightly said, “can move mountains and this your habit is only a molehill. Therefore, rise up and and take up the bow of endeavour and become instrument to the Divine to shoot this devil—your bad habit—for, God is with you as He always is on the side of the virtuous. So let’s make a resolve that we will defeat the evil of bad habits and liberate ourselves in true sense.